Monday, December 10, 2007

About the Gate

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Sorry I didn't think to post something on this sooner, but I just was reminded of it. Maybe it will still be helpful to some of you.

First, a caveat that these are just my own observations, so I do not know the official progress on the entry gate project or formal instructions on how to let guests in. There used to be a printed sign on the telephone keypad out front, but someone told me it's no longer there. No wonder people are scratching their heads on what to do!

If you are trying to use the entry code (published in previous newsletters), you no longer precede it with "#". Instead, there is a little picture of a key. You press the key that has that picture 2 times, then enter the 4-digit entry code. An enthusiastic voice will shout "Access granted!" and you'll be on your way into Seabridge.

For those of you who used to use a certain man's first name, that no longer works, and it's my understanding that once the system is fully implemented, everyone will have their own entry code that they can share with their vendors and guests.

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