Saturday, July 14, 2007

Introducing the Condo Guru

"CID", "Davis-Stirling", "PUD", "fiduciary duty" - there are enough terms floating around association living to make one's head spin! But as I've said before, they affect us whether we pay attention or not. So it's good for all homeowners to have at least a familiarity with the current issues surrounding community association living.

But it's a confusing world to navigate - how do you go about it? I was recently reminded of a great resource I discovered when I served on the board: the California Condo Guru. Beth Grimm, an attorney in Northern California set up this website and does an excellent job of serving up relevant information in Plain English. There are many other HOA law firms in California that provide legal updates and newsletter, but I found Beth's site to be most helpful to the average homeowner.

I now see that Beth is also providing information on her own blog, and I find this feature to be extremely helpful. Topics she has recently covered include:

Each article only takes a few minutes to read, yet provides a good background on topics that our association often deals with. The board should always consult with its own experts when needed, but at a minimum, the information provided helps homeowners and board members set out in the right direction to learn more and make the right decisions for the community.

Let me know if you find her blog helpful. I'll try to remember to link to specific posts of hers if I read any that are especially relevant to us.

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