Monday, January 7, 2008

Shortcut to the Main Channel

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I read about this back in the summer, but it took me a full four months before I finally checked it out for myself today. There is a public promenade available along the main channel right at the end of Countess:

"A sidewalk to the sea was established at Portofino Circle with a gate near the Portofino Cove condominiums this week. The gate is unlocked at sunrise and locked at dusk.

The California Coastal Conservancy has contracted with Coastkeeper to manage public access to this area. Public access was closed previously due to management issues."

You can enter on the right side of the condo building, over near the Portofino docks. The access is clearly marked, and you can walk all along the length of the channel, right up to Mother's Beach in Seabridge Park. The benches facing out to the harbour entrance are really nice - a great, and convenient, place to take in the sunset.

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Lynn Kanda Gleeson said...

Todd, I am so appreciative of this information. There have been times that we have wanted to walk around this area, but it was previously locked. We will have to check it out! In fact, the next time you do, come by...we will join you!