Sunday, September 23, 2007

Edinger Parkway Update

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I was curious about the status of the Edinger project. You may recall from a previous post that a funding component was going before the City Council last Monday. While the council meeting minutes are not yet on-line, I found that you can easily access the section of the meeting where it was discussed via video (where it says "Jump To", be sure to select "City Council (Submitted by Councilmember Green)" near the bottom of the list). I think it's worth the 10 minutes of so to watch the video - you learn a lot about this project and how well the people leading it are received by the council - but I'll also give you the spoiler: the city has pledged a match so that we increase our chances of getting an OCTA grant.

I think it's important for residents to see where our councilmembers stand on issue - and this is certainly an issue that affects all of us who live at Seabridge. I was also interested to learn that the groundbreaking will be next month.

One final word: the Sea Isle Garden Club has done an outstanding job in leading this effort. You can continue to help with your donations, and with the lobbying effort. Be sure to check out how their passion comes through during public comments (jump to "Public Comments" under the video.

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