Sunday, September 9, 2007

About Town - News Round-up

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I was recently talking with my sister about Huntington Beach, and we agreed that for a city of almost 200,000, it's the biggest small town we've ever lived in! There's something about this area - maybe it's the harbour in particular - that has a great community feel to it.

In that spirit, I pass along some of the more enlightening community news items I've read recently, with the hope that you might find them interesting as well.

  • Edinger Project - looks like the first part of the work is getting underway soon. We'll all benefit from this project and I'm sure the Seal Isle Garden Club would welcome further help.

  • Bolsa Chica wetlands footbridge - Do you visit the wetlands? If so, you'll be happy to hear the news of a new footbridge so you don't have to walk across the Warner bridge.

  • Hmm, I sure don't feel it - you're living in the 51st richest place in the US, based on household income. Guess who's #1 - and it's NOT Newport Beach.

  • Like Father, Like Son - Cool NY Times piece on the son of Seabridge resident Julian Solomons

Let me know (via the comments feature) if you find this type of story helpful, and perhaps I'll implement it as an occasional feature.

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