Saturday, March 8, 2008

Proposed Amendment and Restating of CC&Rs

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Today most homeowners received a big packet in the mailbox. It contains a proposal to amend & restate our CC&Rs to address several key issues that have arisen in the almost 30 years our association has been in existence (yes, we were incorporated in June of 1978!).

I believe most homeowners will agree that our CC&Rs were outdated. They were written in the early days of community-association living in California and didn't benefit from the lessons other communities learned over time. Homeowners have tried to modify the documents in the past several years, but by actually getting a proposal mailed out to homeowners for a secret ballot vote, this board has made it farther than any other group in the past, and for that they are to be commended.

If you're a homeowner, I suggest we go to the homeowner-only section of the website to hear your comments.

UPDATE 3/9/08 7:45 AM. Please be sure to read Julian's comment below, including the link to more info and an electronic copy of the CC&Rs on the Seabridge website.

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JulianS said...

Thank you Todd for such a speedy "first" response.

I have posted the complete "red-line" formatted By-Laws and CC&R's on our website, along with comments regarding the "rationale" for most of the changes.

Please visit: and then click on the "CC&R's" link to get all the info!

We thought about having an additional meeting for homeowners but the consensus was that unless we could have ALL the homeowners at the meeting, the input would not necessarily represent the ideas of the majority of the homeowners, possibly just the ideas of the vocal minority!